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Career In Tax Prep

A career in United States Income Tax preparation is available to almost everyone; regardless of education level, US citizenship and/ or residency status.

Age Requirement

A tax professional has to be 18 years old with a valid social security number; if a resident of the United States. However; international tax preparers will not need to meet the social security number requirement.

Flexible Career in Tax

With so many competitively priced tax software; it has now become so easy for anyone interested in a tax career to develop a viable business from the comfort of one’s home.

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This book will cover the steps necessary to become an IRS e-file provider to earn money as a paid tax professional.

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The basic tax concepts and sample scenarios presented henceforth; will assist you to confidently prepare your first tax return.

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Ok I've got it and is reading. This is good stuff you got here very brilliant. Of course you have my support 200%

Andrew Thompson

Everything looks understandable, notes are easy to get. I don't see anything wrong with it, for everything seems clear. Notes are very straight forward.

Frank McArthur

I used the book to start the process of applying for my EIN#. The steps presented were straightforward and super easy to follow. It is user friendly, the instructions, as well as the website. The author did an excellent job in constructing the steps that must be followed to apply for EIN.


Be Empowered

The days of fearing the IRS is over, for this book will give you the power to succeed. Whether your doing your personal taxes, or your planning to make a career from it.

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Using Technology

In my first year of business, I only saw about 5% of my clients in person. The majority simply emailed or text me their information and signed via an app. So, how I did pull this off?

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Best Investment

The knowledge you will gain from this book, is one of the best investment you will ever make. Do not delay grab it now!

Buy the E-Book

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With one (1) year free support with your purchase. You are guaranteed to becoming well versed in the ins and outs of tax prep.

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This book explains everything about tax prep. Anything found in the book was tried and proven. There is not one assumption in the book, for everything is factual.

Free 10 minute consultation

Couple this with the 1 year support, and you have a sure success rate at becoming a tax prep.

Need more convincing?

This book will walk you through the entire process of starting your business. It’s not just for doing your own taxes, but doing taxes for a living. The purpose of a business is to make money.